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45th MYC Mermaid Regatta (Mandatory Registration)


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Hosted by Melbourne Yacht Club

Indian River, Melbourne, FL

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Indian River, Melbourne, FL

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MYCs Rachele Ross Mermaid Regatta is the oldest running, annual, all women’s regatta in the nation. This regatta was founded in the 1970’s, an era when ladies mostly crewed or organized shore side regatta activities, by MYC member Rachele Ross after proclaiming, “Why do men get all the fun? Women can sail boats too, and some just as good as men!” And just like that the Mermaid regatta came to into the heart and spirit of MYC.


This regatta is open to all female skippers and female crew. If there is a need, one male may be aboard keeping his weight on centerline, and while racing, he may not be involved in operating the boat in any way.


2023 marks the 45th anniversary of this riotously fun and spirited regatta which includes costumed crew competitions, spirited team cheers, shoreside Mermaid Games, and fabulous food. Sandwiched in amongst the shenanigans, bonafide PHRF racing for all levels does take place in the Indian River just outside of the Melbourne Harbor. Whatever your experience or competitive nature may be, this regatta has a place for you. After returning to the docks, food and festivities are highlighted by awards presented for the usual places and for a variety of nonstandard but deserving categories.


There is a class, a category and an opportunity for every boat to participate. In addition to PHRF racing fleets, the Super Spectacular Spectacle of Spectators (S4) is a fleet where all, some or none of the pressures of racing pertain. That choice is yours. Come out and enjoy your crew, the camaraderie and your club.


Let this be a memorable day. As a Mermaid Regatta participant once said, “after all, the most important thing about this all ladies event is that it’s not always about who wins, but who has the most fun.”




Saturday, June 10,2023

8:00 Complimentary Breakfast for Skippers and Crew
9:00 Registration/Skipper Sign In (Mandatory online registration)
10:00 Registration Closed
10:15 Competitors Meeting
12:15 First Warning
4:00 MYC Bar Opens
4:30 Dinner service begins
6:30 Award Ceremony
7:00 Dinner conclude

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