Melbourne Yacht Club 

  • Dock Policy, Rates and Rules



    The docks of the Melbourne Yacht Club are the focal point of club yachting activities. The use of the docks, ramps and associated areas is to be in a manner that facilitates and is supportive of yachting activities of the entire membership, such as Club-sponsored races, cruises, youth sailing lessons, raft-up social events, etc.

    The outboard end of the east dock is available for the use of Club members for up to 72 hours. The outboard end of the east dock is available for use by guests of members of the Melbourne Yacht Club for up to 24 hours. The member who has invited this guest is responsible for the conduct of that guest.


    Revised 4/29/04

    1. Only Resident Members in good standing shall be eligible to rent a slip at the MYC docks or hold a place on either portion of the Dock Slip Request List (DSRL). However, married Resident Members are jointly subject to the multiple request/assignment terms of Dock Policy 10. To apply, the member must fill out the application form completely, giving all particulars for his boat, and return it with a check for fifteen dollars ($15) to the Dockmaster.

    a. The deposit will stand until the member requests its return.

    b. The member will then be placed on the Dock Slip Request List by the Dockmaster, with a date effective when the Dockmaster receives the deposit. When more than one member has the same Application Date, the one with the lowest member number shall prevail.

    2. The Dockmaster will maintain a single DSRL comprised of two portions:

    a. The Honored portion shall be those members who are currently renting an assigned slip at the Club docks.

    b. The Active portion shall be a waiting list of those members who have not yet been assigned a slip by the Dockmaster, and those members from the Honored portion who have requested revised slip assignments.

    3. When a slip is vacated, the Dockmaster may reassign slips as necessary to:

    a. optimize the utilization of the docks while maintaining or improving the safety and security of boats at the docks, and

    b. provide a suitable slip to the next eligible member on the Active portion of the DSRL whose boat BEST fits the available slip. Achievement of the BEST fit shall take into consideration the following guidelines:

    1) The beam of the boat should not exceed the slip width minus one and a half feet.

    2) The overall length of the boat should not exceed the length of the slip plus one foot.

    c. No member shall be reassigned to a slip unsuitable for his boat.

    4. When offered a slip, a member shall have no more than ten (10) days to accept or refuse that slip. If a member shall refuse a slip that is suitable for his current boat, his Application Date will be revised to the date of refusal. Suitability shall be that the slip offered is of sufficient width and draft for the member’s vessel, and no more than five feet longer than the vessel.

    5. If a member on the Honored portion of the list replaces his vessel with one not suitable for his currently assigned slip, he may apply to the Dockmaster for reassignment with an effective date of his original application date. This is done in writing by filling out a new application with the particulars of his new vessel.

    6. When a slip becomes unsuitable for a present vessel, the owner’s name shall be added to the Active portion with his original application date.

    7. A member on the Active portion of the list may modify his application at any time and retain his original application date. This is done in writing by filling out a new application with the particulars of his new vessel.

    8. Change of ownership of any vessel docked in a slip at MYC shall not entitle the new owner to continue renting the slip unless the new owner is the next eligible member on the Active portion of the DSRL.

    9. Co-ownership (by two or more persons) is permitted for boats at the MYC docks, so long as all co-owners are Resident Members. At least one owner must have reached the top of the Active portion and become eligible for the Honored portion of the DSRL. When transfer of ownership removes the eligible member from a share in the vessel, the vessel must be removed unless another co-owner has become eligible for the Honored portion.

    10. No member may have more than one boat at the MYC docks, unless there are no other members on the Active portion of the DSRL for whom the available slip is suitable. Approval by a two-thirds majority of the total Board is required for assignment of the second slip.

    11. In the event that multiple slip assignments are granted to any member, these assignments are all granted the same protection of Rule 12 until the member voluntarily vacates them.

    12. In March/April of each year each slip holder will be required to complete and sign a new Slip Rental Agreement. There shall be no limit to the length of time a member may continue to rent a slip as long as the boat is maintained in a seaworthy condition and has not been designated a disused boat. A boat shall be considered a disused boat, and ineligible for continued use of an MYC slip in accordance with the following procedure.

    a. Any member of MYC may bring the circumstances surrounding any boat at the MYC docks to the attention of the Dock Committee. The Dock Committee, at their next meeting or no later than 30 days from the notification by a member, shall discuss the situation surrounding the vessel in question. The committee shall take into account any information available to them including vessel seaworthiness, sailing and other activity participation by the member, and determine whether, in their opinion, corrective action is required. If a majority of the Dock Committee so recommends, the Dockmaster shall bring the situation to the attention of the member in a letter and allow 30 days for the member to correct the situation in accordance with the Dock Committee recommendations.

    b. If the period allowed by the Dockmaster passes without the situation being corrected, the Dockmaster shall bring the situation to the attention of the Board of Directors at their next meeting. The Board of Directors, at their discretion, may chose to pursue the matter by sending the member a letter giving the member notice to present his case to the board within 30 days. The member may choose the method (letter, phone call, meeting, etc) for presentation to the Board.

    c. Following the member’s presentation, the Board shall determine, by a 2/3 majority of the entire Board of Directors, whether the boat is disused and to revoke the member’s dock privileges. If a 2/3 majority is not obtained, the member shall be given additional time to take corrective action. The duration of this period shall be at the discretion of the Board. During this extension period, the slip rent shall increase at the next billing to a rate equivalent to the average commercial rate in the area multiplied by 1.25. This rent shall apply for a minimum of 90 days unless the boat is removed from the docks voluntarily by the member and for a maximum of until the situation is corrected or 180 days whichever is less.

    d. If the maximum commercial rental period expires without the situation being corrected, the Board shall send a letter notifying the member that the boat must be removed within 30 days or it shall be disposed of as abandoned property in accordance with Florida Statutes, FS85.031(2).

    13. Slips are rented by the calendar month, beginning on the first day of each month. If a slip is vacated or reassigned during a month, the slip holder on the first of the month shall pay rent for that entire month.

    14. The Dockmaster shall have complete authority to reassign slips to members to meet the requirements of Rule 3, and to achieve maximum utilization and rental income of MYC slips.

    15. Any member on the DSRL may contest a decision of the Dockmaster by making an appeal in writing to the Board of Directors within thirty (30) days of the decision. The member must comply with the decision while the appeal is pending.

    16. None of the above eligibility rules apply to slips W-15 A, B or C. They will be reserved for special application and usage as authorized by the Dockmaster and the Board of Directors.


    1. Rental Dockage rates are as stated in Article 6, Section 3 of the bylaws. 2. Slip rent is payable monthly in advance and is due by the 10th of the month. Rent paid after the 15th of each month will be assessed an additional $10 late charge. If a slip is vacated during a calendar month, rent is due for the entire month.

    3. When slip reassignment involves a change in rent payment, the Dockmaster will inform the Treasurer immediately.

    4.  Dock rental rates shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors, who may subsequently recommend to the membership a change to the dock rates as a change to Article 6 Section 3 of the Bylaws in conjunction with finalizing the yearly budget. 


    Revised 12/1/04

    1. Docks and finger piers will be kept clear at all times.

    2. No modifications shall be made to any of the docks, finger piers, pilings, cleats or hangers without the prior approval of the dock committee.

    3. Vessels shall be properly secured at all times using at least 2 bow lines and 2 stern lines (preferably criss-crossed) as well as appropriate spring lines.

    4. Vessels must be capable of operation under their own power at all times.  The dockmaster may require a demonstration of a boat’s ability to move at any time by providing reasonable notice to the member.  Proper maintenance of the engine, shaft and propeller (for boats with inboard motors) shall be a prerequisite of maintaining slip privileges.  Visible excessive build up of barnacles and/or other growth on the bottom of, a vessel will be brought to the attention of the boat owner by the dockmaster/committee.

    5. The dockmaster is to be notified of any major repairs that a boat owner is planning and given the names and phone numbers of any subcontractors who may be given permission by the owner to come on club property. 

    6. No swimming or diving from the dock is permitted.

    7. No fires of any kind are permitted on boats, docks, or dock areas.

    8. Ninety (90) days is the maximum period a slip may be unoccupied by the owner’s boat. This period may be extended only by action of the Board of Directors.

    9. Subleasing of spaces is allowed to Resident Members only, at Club rates, for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days. If a member is to be absent from his slip for an extended cruise, individual arrangements may be made with the Board of Directors.

    10. Owners who regularly consume utilities (such as continuous air conditioning) may be subject to special rates. All 3-connector (straight blade) duplex electrical outlets are limited to 15 amps. at 125 volts. All 3-connector (twist lock) marine electrical outlets are limited to 30 amps at 125 volts.

    Every Slip Renter is obliged to inform the Dockmaster of the number of Air Conditioning (A/C) Units with which his vessel is equipped and identify which of these two (2) mutually exclusive options characterizes their expected utilization of Dock Electric Power.

    1. The Vessel is either not equipped with an A/C Unit, or only operates its A/C Unit(s) while the Owner is aboard. This option incurs no additional monthly Dock Electric Power fee.

    2. The Vessel’s A/C Unit(s) is/are operated even when the Owner is not aboard. This option incurs a monthly surcharge of 400 KW-HRS per each A/C Unit with which the vessel is equipped times the cost of an Average Dock Kilowatt Hour -- a parameter determined by the Bookkeeper, and evaluated by dividing the total expense of the Dock Electric Service Account by the total number of Kilowatt Hours invoiced, where the resulting quotient for this average unit cost is rounded up to the nearest 1 cent increment. This surcharge will apply only for the months of May through October (6 months).

    3. The annual storage agreements shall reflect which of the above two options the owner qualifies for.

    11. Use of thru-hull heads is prohibited.

    12. No trash will be dumped over board. Oil, paint, solvents, batteries, etc. may not be left in the Club dumpster.

    13. Refilling of external or integral fuel tanks from fuel containers is prohibited anywhere on the MYC docks or dock area. Fuel may be transferred by replacing external tanks, only.

    14. All slip renters must have liability insurance coverage in the minimum amount of $300,000.00 for property damage and personal injury. Proof of coverage must be supplied to the Dockmaster on acceptance of a slip at MYC, and on the anniversary date of the policy thereafter.

    15. All vehicles left while cruising shall be cleared with the Board of Directors; also, a key shall be left with the Board to move the vehicle.

    16. All vessels at MYC docks must have a current State of Florida decal and registration certificate.

    17. Failure to comply with any of the foregoing rules may result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors up to and including removal of the offending boat.

    18. Upon accepting a slip or dry storage space, and before placing his boat therein, the member must complete and sign a Slip Rental Agreement. Upon receipt of this agreement, the Dockmaster will authorize the occupancy of the slip or dry storage space. Any member who has a boat in a slip or dry storage space at the time this rule becomes effective, will complete, sign, and submit to the Dockmaster a Slip Rental Agreement within 30 days. Failure to provide the completed and signed agreement within the allotted time will be considered forfeiture of the slip or dry storage space, and it must be vacated.

    19. When a hurricane watch is posted for the Melbourne area, all members renting slips at Melbourne Yacht Club are required to:

    After 18 hours have elapsed since the Hurricane watch for the current tropical weather system was first issued by the National Hurricane Center for the Melbourne area,(and a hurricane watch or warning is still in effect), any vessel in either Wet or Dry Storage at MYC that remains unsecured may be secured by volunteer efforts. The focus of these volunteer efforts will be the minimization of damage to Club property and nearby vessels due to the unsecured vessel, as opposed to the prevention of damage to the previously unsecured vessel. In the event that such volunteer efforts are executed, the Vessel’s Owner shall retain full and complete liability responsibility for any subsequent damage either sustained by or caused by the Vessel. Additionally, the following fee, payable to Melbourne Yacht Club, will be assessed the Vessel’s Owner for each instance where the vessel remains unsecured after the 18 hours time frame has elapsed and a hurricane watch or warning remains in effect. Wet Storage and Category A Dry Storage, $200.00 plus the cost of any materials / supplies;

    Finally, the second time the same Member must have his vessel secured by such volunteer efforts; the Board will review the circumstances of that Member, possibly resulting in the revocation of that Member’s Storage Privileges.

    Small Boat Dry Storage Policy


    The Dockmaster shall administer and supervise all dry storage. Spaces shall be available to members only.

    The Dockmaster shall maintain a separate list of owners for each category of boats stored at the Club. In the event that there are more boats than spaces available, he shall also maintain a waiting list for that category. The list shall be in order of date of written application. In the event that two applications shall have the same date, the one with the lower member number shall prevail.

    There shall be four categories of storage:

    Category A One design mast-up at water side.

    Category B Dinghy rack storage at water side.

    Category C One-design trailered storage at street level.

    Category D Dinghy storage at street level.

    Spaces are defined as follows:

    Category A spaces are eight feet wide and 24 feet long, from bow to transom. They shall rent for 50% of the dock rental rate defined in ARTICLE 6 Privileges: Section 3, per foot per month.

    Category B spaces are limited to dinghies (tenders to member’s cruisers) not over five feet in beam, or 10 feet in length. They shall rent for three and three quarters times the dock rental rate, defined in ARTICLE 6 Privileges: Section 3, per month.

    Category C spaces are not defined as to size, but are limited to boats not over 16 feet in length. They shall rent for $13.00 per month.

    Category D spaces are not defined as to size, but are limited to dinghies, Sunfish, and other similar small boats. They shall rent for three and three quarters times the dock rental rate, defined in ARTICLE 6 Privileges: Section 3, per month.

    1.No deposit is required to get on the waiting list for dry storage. Any person
    on the list may request that his name be transferred to another category.
    Any member who refuses a space when offered shall be dropped from the waiting list.

    2.A member may be listed for more than one category at a time, e.g., A member may be listed for both dinghy storage and one design storage, or for both mast-up and street level storage for a one design boat. No member may dry store more than one boat at the Club, except that a slip renter may store one dinghy and still have a one-design space.

    3.All boats dry stored at the Club shall be maintained in good and serviceable condition. Any boat stored in the mast-up area shall be used at least once quarterly.

    4.Owners of dry stored boats are fully liable for damages caused by their boats in the event of storms. The Club accepts no liability or responsibility for loss by theft, vandalism, or accident.

    5. Each boat owner must keep his boat and assigned area neat and clean. Minor repairs are permitted, but only to the extent that they do not deface or harm another boat.

    6. Sails, oars, masts, PFDs, etc. must be stored in the boat or at home. Limited storage lockers are available in the Annex at $100.00 a year.

    7. Rents are payable by the calendar month, and are due in advance on the first of each month.

    8. All storage and storage locations are at the discretion of the Dockmaster, and renters must comply with requests from the Dockmaster. Any renter may appeal in writing to the Board of Directors if he feels he is being unfairly treated. Decisions of the Board are final.

    9. When a hurricane watch is posted for the Melbourne area, all members whose vessels have Dry Storage accommodations at Melbourne Yacht Club are required to secure their vessels as follows:

    See Wet Storage Policy 17 for the time limit to complete these preparations and the penalties for non-compliance.



    1.The hoist is to be operated by an MYC MEMBER ONLY, otherwise our liability coverage is void.

    2. Anyone needing to use the hoist should ask a current Club officer or board member for the lock combination. The key for the small lock on the control box is inside the power box. Once you obtain the combination, do not pass it on to anyone unless you are delegating your responsibility for the hoist operation to another member.

    3. While operating the hoist, it must be under your direct control or the power is to be turned off and locked. Do not leave the hoist with the power on.

    4. The maximum rating of the hoist is one ton or 2,000 pounds. DO NOT EXCEED THIS WEIGHT.

    5. When done with the hoist, lock the controls in their box, turn off the power, put the key in the switch box, and replace the padlock.

    6. If any difficulties with the hoist are experienced, contact the dockmaster.